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Each phase of our work follows rigorous planning before the release or commissioning of the plant

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By WhiteFox Design

White Fox Design was born in 2012 after an initial research and development activity, soon finding its vocation in the field of technological innovation.
The constant search for new members all over the world has helped to increase the products offered and the satisfaction of customers who use them.
Being part of the Team requires maximum knowledge of your field, loving your work and going beyond the lines of the impossible to make it possible…




Installation and maintenance of civil and industrial automation (automatic doors, gates, etc.)

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Browse safely with our VPN network, the servers are fully encrypted with the latest protocols and constantly monitored

AI & future

Creating and using Artificial Intelligence to improve human well-being... one of our priorities


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Creativity and innovation.

We are always looking for new development ideas and we believe in people who put their heart and soul into making the impossible...possible!
We love challenges and are ready to face new ones every day.



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