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From video streaming to social networks, our personal VPN works anywhere.

Unlock media content with geographical restrictions From video streaming to social networking, our personal VPN works everywhere.Be undetectable The security features of a VPN with military-grade encryption protect you from governments and hackers.


3D World, Automations, V-CT, Home automation, Kits & Stock, Radio controls, Robotics and Many More...

Our technology portal focusing on consumer and specialised electronics, ranging from automation to advanced robotics. Special discounts for professionals


Get ready to socialize

Our open social with fully decentralised messaging, calling and video calling functionality for maximum data security


Artificial Intelligence for you and your business

Our virtual lab consisting of 12+ industry experts to develop our own AI-based software, questions or concerns about how we can help you? come visit us


Easy Installation | Maximum privacy | No sharing

JuliaBot was born from the idea of simplifying the installation process and the use of new AI technologies linked to old systems


We Make Your Home Safe

Erlli Smart Solution- We are constantly working to expand our range of smart products, to make life easier and safer.


Messaging | Maximum privacy | Translation | Artificial intelligence

Calliverse was born from the idea of ​​an app for maximum productivity and security. You will be able to send messages, video calls and meetings to multiple users. But it doesn't end here because you will have chat translation, an agenda with shared notification and our Juliabot at your service!