Our History

“White Fox Design was founded in 2012 after an initial research and development activity, it soon found its temperament in the field of technological innovation. This experience has enabled the company to embark on its journey into the mass market, relying on a trusting bond established over time with leading companies in the relevant production sectors. We offer services for civil and industrial automations (automatic doors, driveway gates, bollards, road barriers, rapid gates, flap doors, pvc curtains…etc) metalmechanics (rei doors, panic bars, locks….etc) 3d CNC and malfunction assistance for all products on our e-commerce”

Our Timeline


Birth of the company for the sale and maintenance of automation systems


Creation of the FoxMaker's site and starting the team for its maintenance and activities


Expansion into the EU market with FoxMaker's and creation of new collaborations with the addition of new products to the catalogue


Launch of the development team for ERLLI with field tests


New development ideas enter the Team starting in a still new sector, TerminusCode is born but nothing is yet definitive


A difficult year for the whole world but we are concentrating on the development of new technologies that will soon be finalized against all odds


Hard times but the first fruits arrive, TerminusCode becomes reality and the first Radix-Ipai-Juliabot branches are born


The first results arrive but we continue to implement new functions, in the meantime hacker attacks are increasing around the world


Attacks are increasing dramatically, so ArenaVPN was created to keep us and our customers safe using military-grade encryption keys


Launched testing for mobile applications in 177 countries/regions on
Google Play
Apple store
Independent stores (apkpure-aptoide-etc)



What do we believe in?

Creativity and innovation.

These are the ingredients for the success of true makers, and we now provide our ‘fabrication lab’ which, through 3D printing and other sophisticated software, allows inventors 2.0 and Makers to realise their ideas. we provide users with customised services for the production of any type of object. But that’s not all, get to know our virtual lab for software development and artificial intelligence on Terminuscode and start discussions on needlips our decentralised social or use our VPN to surf safely and not leave your sensitive data at the mercy of anyone!

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